To build the future, beginning with you.

Starting by your roof.

We optimize the return on your investment.
The economic factor is one of the most important consideration in this phase.
The decision of adopting the solar energy for your own house doesn't constitute just a turn, as it is a conscious and farsighted choice too: an intervention not only allows you to sobstitute your roof in time, but to integrate solar panels for a real payback too.

  • Decreased costs of energy
  • Becoming more indipendent cost-speaking
  • Increased house value

We guarantee long term solutions
Every project needs to be fed, supervised and constantly improved.
Choosing solar energy means beginning a path, starting with:

  • Checking your roof's status
  • Tracking every situation
  • Evolving every project, getting the best out of it

We dress Chic
Design, quality and aesthetic. The new generation panels are the product  that we have chosen to make the difference, both aesthetical and functional.

  • Integrated solar panels that sobstitute the covering roof's elements
  • Uniform, black solar panels, unique in their genre

This is our strenght: the ability to take care of details and to integrate them in your home's architecture.
That's why we consider our solar panel as "designed", in every sense.

We give you constant support
After the system's installation our job isn't over, at all.
Installing solar panels means starting a long-term relation with J.Clever, that will always be ready to intervene with: 

  • Constant maintenance
  • Possible improvement assessments 
  • Aimed support

Christian Pellanda

All you need is a sunny day.

Vuoi anche tu diventare un produttore indipendente di energia solare?

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